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The information contained on the IEA website is available to educate and inform the general public. Please keep in mind that this organization is not about extreme liberal and radical change. Rather, it is intended to respectfully provide knowledge, raise awareness, encourage involvement and momentum, and exchange information and ideas on a local, national and global scale with an end goal to change and ultimately minimize our carbon footprint.


If you have a desire to gain knowledge about energy and energy related issues, visit the pages offered herein on the черная полоса меню. These pages contain a wealth of information regarding energy, energy resources, and current energy issues and efforts. You may also use the поисковая строка to find more information on items of interest that are available within the posts, or use the tags, widgets and other blog tools to browse for information.

Various IEA members, advisors and other contributors offer energy information, energy ideas, and updates on energy activities in which they or their organization are participating. Many of the activities are hosted at IEA member schools, with a collaboration of projects involving government entities, energy companies, other student energy organizations, and additional schools. Announcements of IEA or IEA sanctioned member events, such as meetings and activities can be attained throughout the website.

Although much of the information contained herein has been written by K-12 students, professionals, teachers, government officials, professors and college students contribute featured articles.

Visitors are welcome to comment on posts and are encouraged to subscribe to email or RSS updates. Visitors may also request membership within the IEA which is free to all. Please see below for more about члены.

Пользователи Сообщества

Members may use the site in the same way as visitors. As a member however, you may contribute content and information for publishing to наш website that can be shared with and used by others. Furthermore, members have the opportunity to participate in IEA activities and request support from the IEA for energy activities in which they are involved. Please see “Членские позиции"Для получения дополнительной информации о членах.

Это действительно очень интересно внести свой вклад, а затем наблюдать положительное изменение, которое происходит в результате. Чтобы присоединиться, просто выберите "Присоединяйтесь к нам" из Зеленая полоса меню.

Члены-основатели .... Эндрю Хантер, Пол Noppenberger, Ariela Osuna, Кэролайн Уолтерс

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