Palm Beach State College присоединяется МЭА

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On behalf of the Energy Club of Palm Beach State College I would like to thank Andrew Hunter and the rest of the International Energy Alliance for allowing us to join their organization, and we look forward to working with the IEA.
Allow me to introduce myself and the Energy Club, my name is Edwin Moore III and I am currently in my final year at Palm Beach State College. The main campus for PBSC is located in Lake Worth, Florida, USA, however the Energy Club is located at the Eissey Campus in Palm Beach Gardens. The Energy Club is a group of students working together “for a brighter, greener future” (our motto).
In the previous year we helped to construct a solar powered golf cart that was donated to school facilities department. This year the “E-Club” has created a small solar charger and docking station for a cell phone which was given to the provost of our school.
We are currently working on a “Solar Tree” which is a solar charging station mounted on a pole that will be placed on campus so students can sit outside in the lovely Florida weather and charge their electronic devices. We have a few other ideas on the horizon but I don’t want to give away all our plans just yet. Thank you again for allowing us into your organization and we look forward to sharing ideas with everyone.

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В настоящее время я на втором курсе в Palm Beach State College изучения биотехнологии. Я также являюсь вице-президентом клуба Энергетика и финансовый директор SGA, а также членом различных других организаций. Я также горд отец троих детей.

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