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We at the International Energy Alliance are very excited to announce that as of today our website is now available in fifty-seven different languages in addition to English — Arabic, Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian, Swahili, and even Haitian Creole. See the list of tags at the bottom of this post for a complete list of available languages. The IEA board members believe that this will allow the IEA to better accomplish one of its first and primary goals of sharing information and collaborating with others all around the world.

Although from the time the IEA website first went live in July 2011 to date there has been traffic from seventy-one different counties, according to Google Analytics, about three out of every four IEA website visitors are English speaking. However according to Всемирный Интернет статистика only one out of every four internet users were English speaking in 2011. The IEA board hopes that in the future the population of individuals accessing the website will better reflect the world internet population. Making the IEA website available in such a great number of languages is a large step in that direction.

The way that it works is each IEA webpage is automatically translated into all fifty-seven languages within one minute of going live, and then those pages are stored in a cloud. When an individual searches in a language other than English, the search engines can now match non English search words directly with to corresponding information in IEA web pages in that same language.

We look forward to seeing an increase in visibility and in contributions and viewing from others all around the world. Please let us know how about your experience at our website in a language other than English.

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